Third Annual Sharpshooter’s Event Highlights

October 9, 2015

On October 9, 2015, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Foundation (HCSOF) Chairman, Tracy Krohn and founding members and guests joined together with special guests Sheriff Ron Hickman, Kristi Schiller, Founder and Board Chair of K9s4Cops and two skilled HCSO K9 Officers and handlers in support of raising funds for the HCSOF at Athena Gun Club.

This year’s Sharpshooters event proved more exciting than the last!! More people, new challengers for the best Sharpshooters team, and also special demonstrations by HCSO K9 Officers!! This year’s event chair Matt Rigdon, a Founding Member of the HCSOF and Katrina Arnim, Liaison on behalf of the Foundation, planned for some high caliber camaraderie and excitement for all who attended!

This annual event challenges a select group of sharpshooters, marksmen and women, sponsors and invited guests to a three stage marksmanship competition. This private competition includes categories for handgun precision and rifle marksmanship and also provides an opportunity for the guests to demonstrate their sharpshooting skills with the use of the Athena Club’s extensive handgun, rifle and assault-style weapons collection and virtual simulator proficiency.


First Place | Team Bisso 1

Sharpshooters included: Beau Bisso, Tad Tellespen and David Ducote

Second Place | Team Schiller

Sharpshooters included: Kristi Schiller, Robin Anderson and K9 Officer, Chris Moore

Third Place | Team Krohn

Sharpshooters included: Tracy Krohn, Lonnie Reynolds and Sergeant Robert Henry

Last Place | Team Bisso 2

Sharpshooters included: Elena Sgarbi, Consul General of Italy, Janine Iannarelli and Tina Raham Stewart

A newly established award was initiated this year in Memory of Darren Goforth. This award was presented to an exemplary team selected by the Honorable Judge Connie Hickman. The proud recipients included the members of the HCSO Homeless Outreach Team.

Deputy Goforth Award

Team H.O.T. | Sharpshooters included: Sergeant Willie Hodge, and Deputies Luke Ditta and James Kelley

Additional supporters and participants spotted among the crowd of sharpshooters included: Franco Valobra, Steve Mach, Ugo Tombolini, Joe Rubbo, Robert Contreras, Jerry Caroom, John Moritz, Belva Cardiff, Michael Mills, Janine Iannarelli, Cecil Arnim, Sam and Barney Gershen and Kate and Bill Bush.

With net proceeds in excess of $50,000, the event raised funds to support on-going HCSOF initiatives to assist and support the men and women of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in carrying out their law enforcement mandates in the safest and most efficient manner.

Additionally, the foundation presented a $15,000 check to K9s4Cops to underwrite the cost of the training, purchase and placement of an additional K9 Officer for the HCSO and also announced the pending launch of a new HCSO program being initiated with the generous directed financial support of foundation donors to underwrite new equipment costs for the HCSO’s Homeless Outreach Team – H.O.T. Once launched, this equipment will be utilized to provide more efficient solutions for local law enforcement in regard to managing the current homeless situation in Harris County. These generous donors hope to provide tools for better assistance and outreach to the homeless and high-risk individuals within our community who cannot help themselves, including veterans, women, children and those with mental and substance abuse challenges.

On behalf of the HCSOF, thank you to each of our team sponsors, individuals and in-kind donors who provided support for this competitive event! For additional information regarding team sponsorship for next year’s event or to provide financial support to the HCSOF, please contact Katrina Arnim,