Harris County Sheriff’s Office Foundation Supports Public Safety Drowning Prevention Program

September 16, 2014

A recent news conference was held at Bear Creek Park by HCSOF Founding Member, Franco Valobra, Sheriff Adrian Garcia and local Red Cross representatives. This event included an announcement that the Harris County Sheriff’s Foundation has donated $40,000 in funding to support an active partnership between the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and the Greater Houston Chapter of the America Red Cross for Learn-to-Swim program initiatives that will offer drowning prevention and public safety workshops including scholarships to at-risk youth and their families located in high risk and disadvantaged communities.

With an increase in the number of drownings in Texas each year, a significant number of these incidents take place within the unincorporated areas of Harris County where the Harris County Sheriff’s Office provides response to both the rescue and recovery efforts to drowning victims. The donated funds will be used to increase the number of swim instructors in Houston and Harris County.

Additionally, as drowning is often a major cause of death during natural disasters, the HCSO and the American Red Cross also featured many of their emergency response vehicles and equipment during the news conference.